Starting with worker-centered robots

The first academic project around FRAIM has had its kick-off on February 10th 2022. Our vision towards worker-centered transdisciplinary research towards robot-assisted workprocesses was included in the recently awarded BrightSky project, initiated by KLM.

In an ecosystem including a.o. Hogeschool Amsterdam, SME’s, RoboHouse and SAM-XL, we will contribute with 2 PhDs and 2 postdocs to design robot-assisted work-processes around inspection and repair of a wide range of aircraft parts. We will approach their search for the right robot-assistance by engaging in transdisciplinary research: integrating interdisciplinary academic perspectives (human-robot interaction, human factors, design, ethnography and psychology) with domain-knowledge from skilled workers.

Visit to the engine repair and maintenance workfloor of KLM MRO, March 16th 2022. We spent an afternoon integrating knowledge from KLM employees; TU Delft designers and engineers; and RoboHouse employees.

The core team exists of David Abbink, Nicky Mol (PhD candidate Cognitive Robotics), Luka Peternel (Assistant prof Human-Robot Collaboration) from our 3mE faculty, Mieke v/d Bijl-Brouwer (IDE, design & transdisciplinary research), Arnold Bakker (EUR, work&organisational psychology) and colleagues in work & organisational ethnography.

We will additionally leverage the talents of MSc students like Tosca Horstink (IDE), supervised by Mieke v/d Bijl-Brouwer and Maria Luce Lupetti.

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