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Work With Us a tenure-track assistant professor or associate professor

There is currently a Tenure Track vacancy to strengthen the Delft Haptics Lab, on physical human-robot interaction & haptics. Feel free to apply through academic transfer (deadline April 1st 2018).

..for students in search of internships / graduation topics

The Delft Haptics Lab caters to the two-year MSc programme for the track Vehicle Engineering and for the track BioMechanical Design (download the brochure). During the first year we provide education, and offer a specialization called Haptic Interfaces. During the second year we supervise MSc students during three important periods: Internship (15 ECTS), Literature Study (10 ECTS) and the MSc thesis project (35 ECTS).  You can browse old assignments here.

..for researchers in search of collaboration

The Delft Haptics Lab has many strong (inter)national collaborations with both academia and industry, and we are always interested in discussing new ways to work together. This can be in the form of contract research, joint research proposals, exchange programs, short-term projects etc. Please see below for some opportunities, or contact David Abbink to discuss your own ideas.

Workshops & Tutorials, Special Sessions, Special Issues of Journal Papers
Members of the Delft Haptics Lab have been very actively involved in creating concrete opportunities to stimulate the exchange of ideas. We have organized special sessions, tutorials and interactive workshops at IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Conference, the World Haptics Conference, EuroHaptics, and European Robotics Forum to name a few. We will announce such opportunities in the news section, and an overview is given here.

SMC Technical Committee on Shared Control
If you are interested in Shared Control, please consider joining our SMC Technical Committee on Shared Control: a platform to stimulate and facilitate the exchange of ideas on designing and evaluating shared control. Mark MulderDavid Abbink and Tom Carlson started this TC after organizing a workshop on the IEEE SMC 2012 conference. We have been doing workshops & special sessions and much more since a few years, check out our website for an overview of our activities. Another opportunity to collaborate is through Special Issues for Journals (click here for an example for a special issue we did for the Journal of Human-Robot Interaction).

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