Finished PhD projects

  • Haptics for body-powered prosthesis

    This PhD Project was performed by Mona Hitherto, under supervision of Dick Plettenburg, DirkJan Veeger, and David Abbink. More information

  • Measuring, Modeling and Mitigating Biodynamic Feedthrough

    This PhD project was completed by Joost Venrooij, when he graduated cum laude in march 2014. The thesis led to 9 journal publications and 9 conference publications. His promotors were professor Heinrich Buelthoff, professor Max Mulder, and David Abbink was co-promotor. Joost received the best Dissertation award of the Max Planck Institute for this thesis […] More information

  • Mechatronic Optimization of Parallel Haptic Master Devices

    In telemanipulation systems, an operator directly controls a robotic manipulator located at a remote location. The robotic manipulator is called the slave device and the contact interface with the operator is called the master device. If both position and force information are accurately transferred, a master device gives an operator the feeling as if he […] More information

  • Analysis and optimization of tele-operated task performance of ITER Remote Handling

    This PhD project is performed by Henri Boessenkool, supervised by Maarten Steinbuch, Marco de Baar and David Abbink. It is funded through the GOT programme. Abstract Sustainable energy sources are essential for the continued existence of mankind on this limited world. The growing trend in the world’s energy demand makes sustainable energy even more urgent. […] More information

  • Neuromuscular Analysis of a Haptic Gas Pedal for Car Following

    David Abbink worked together with Mark Mulder towards a PhD thesis on the “Magic Bumper” project, sponsored by Nissan Motor Company. The goal was to develop a haptic gas pedal, as an alternative to ACC.David successfully defended this thesis in dec 2006, and a few months later received the award for best PhD thesis by […] More information

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