Mechatronic Optimization of Parallel Haptic Master Devices

Lead: Teun Hoevenaars
2012-2016 (PhD Project, Completed)

In telemanipulation systems, an operator directly controls a robotic manipulator located at a remote location. The robotic manipulator is called the slave device and the contact interface with the operator is called the master device. If both position and force information are accurately transferred, a master device gives an operator the feeling as if he or she is physically located at the remote location.

The most promising architectures for master devices are based on parallel manipulators. The parallel architectures enable master devices with all motors located at the base, which reduces the inertia of the manipulator. Additionally, compared to serial robots, stiffness can be increased in parallel robots through overconstraints.

This research project is on the mechatronic optimization of such parallel devices for the use in haptic telemanipulation. This optimization will consider the impact of kinematics, mechanics, control as well as actuator and sensors.

PhD project

This research is financially supported by the Dutch Technology Foundation STW.

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