PhD projects in progress

  • Haptic Shared Control for Multi-operator Telemanipulation

    A subset of tele-manipulation tasks requires a pair of operators acting simultaneously to dynamically manoeuvre and align objects. The problem in such co-operative tasks is that the operators typically lack awareness of the task constraints and each other’s control actions, especially when a heavy load structurally deflects itself or the manipulator during load transfer. This PhD thesis will focus on […] More information

  • Haptic Shared Control for Sub-Sea Mining

    This PhD project is performed by Roel Kuiper, under supervision of David Abbink and Frans van der Helm, in close co-operation with Seatools. Abstract Remote control of sub-sea robots is very difficult for the human operator, due to the unpredictable environments, limited visual and haptic feedback, and slow vehicle dynamics. This project aims to design and […] More information

  • Effective Control Interfaces and Shared Control for Telemanipulation

    Telemanipulators are robotic devices which allow human operators to perform complex tasks in hostile environments (e.g. space, nuclear) or environments with spatial constraints (e.g. surgery, micro-assembly), while preserving human judgment, skill, attention and their ability to resolve unexpected situations. Operators can ‘feel’ the remote environment: the contact interactions in the remote environment are reconstructed at […] More information

  • Haptic Shared Control for a Lifting Aid in Care environments

      The aim of Jack Schorsch’s PhD project is to realize a breakthrough in the physical support of healthcare workers for lifting and assisting patients, by designing and evaluating an exoskeleton-like assistive device. The exoskeleton will be powered only to partly compensate the weight of the patients, will use shared-control assistive technology. The main design […] More information

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