Haptic Shared Control for Sub-Sea Mining

Lead: Roel Kuiper
2012-2017 (PhD Project, Active)

This PhD project is performed by Roel Kuiper, under supervision of David Abbink and Frans van der Helm, in close co-operation with Seatools.

Abstract Remote control of sub-sea robots is very difficult for the human operator, due to the unpredictable environments, limited visual and haptic feedback, and slow vehicle dynamics. This project aims to design and evaluate a novel human-machine interface using haptic shared control, based on good models of the environment (soil and water properties), of the task and of the human. The final application is a shared control interface for the prototype design for deep-sea mining, at depths of up to 2000 m.

This project aims to develop haptic shared control algorithms for sub-sea mining, and test several prototypes in simulations. Intensive cooperation with experienced companies such as SeaTools and Tree-C will ensure realistic simulations.

PhD project


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Project Output:
    • Kuiper et al., 2013a
    • Kuiper et al., 2013b
    • Chen et al. 2012a
    • Chen et al. 2012b

This research is part of the H-Haptics programme, financially supported by the Dutch Technology Foundation STW.

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