Delft Haptics Lab

Delft University of Technology

Dr. Ir. Jeroen Wildenbeest

Jeroen Wildenbeest graduated as a PhD Candidate in 2019.

Compelled by the stunning (bio)mechanics and versatility of the human on one hand, and the seemingly endless possibilities of robotics on the other hand, I’ve found my place in the field of tele-robotics. This relatively young and multidisciplinary field yields many challenges, focused around understanding of human, machine and, moreover, their synergy. My personal interest lies in optimizing the interaction between human and telemanipulation system when performing physical tasks. More specifically, what is the role of both ‘transparent’ and augmented haptic feedback in human-in-the-loop task execution?

Besides my research, I enjoy being player-coach of a football team, competing my supervisors on racing bikes, battling other PhD-researcher in theaters across The Netherlands and co-organizing OFL-Alumni personal development workshops. Besides my PhD project, I’m a part-time Consultant at Heemskerk Innovative Technology B.V..

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