Appointment of Tricia Gibo in Delft Haptics Lab

Tricia Gibo is joining the Delft Haptics Lab as a postdoctoral research fellow on the H-Haptics Project 7 (Haptic Shared Control for Sub-Sea Mining).

 Tricia’s general research interests are in the areas of human motor learning and movement performance, human-machine interaction, and haptics. She is interested in both using robotic systems to study how people control and adapt their movement, and in turn, using this fundamental knowledge of humans to inform the design of shared control systems for different applications.

 Tricia received her PhD in mechanical engineering from Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland, USA) in December 2013, during which she spent the last year as a visiting student at Stanford University (Stanford, California, USA). While advised by Allison Okamura and Amy Bastian, Tricia’s research investigated different aspects of dynamics in human movement control of the upper limb in different populations (e.g., cerebellar ataxia patients).

In between completing her degree and moving to the Netherlands, Tricia spent some time doing her two favourite activities – travelling and rock climbing. She is now excited to join the Delft Haptics Lab and experience life in Holland!


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