Cognitive Robotics Department

As of July 1st 2017, the Delft Haptics Lab has moved from the department of BioMechanical Engineering to the new department of Cognitive Robotics (CoR). We’d like to thank the BMechE department for providing the great environment to work in these past years. We look forward to strengthening the collaboration with professors Martijn Wisse, Dariu Gavrila and Robert Babuska and their respective teams, and to all the possibilities this new department has to offer!

See below for a message from Theun Baller, Dean of the 3mE Faculty about the new Cognitive Robotics Department:

“The growth of our faculty has made it necessary to form a new department. Researchers from the BmechE and DCSC departments working on robotics will be brought together in this new department. This will enable us to show more clearly what it is we do in the field of robotics at 3mE. It will increase awareness and make us more appealing to new talented employees. Please read more about the new department in this news item on the website.”

We are happy to announce one of the opportunities opened up by this new department: there are five open tenure-track positions for Cognitive Robotics, see this link to apply:


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