David at EUCAD for Panel Discussion

David Abbink was invited as a panel member at the EUCAD 2019 conference. The panel discussed the future and state of the art of interaction between automated vehicles and users.



This session will address human factors of automated driving. Discussions will focus on solutions for a safe and smooth interaction between the automated vehicles and their users, as well as unambiguous communication between automated vehicles and other road users. Specific challenges that will be discussed in this session include: design of Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMI) allowing intuitive and seamless transfer of control between the driver and the vehicle; ways to support the driver’s and other road users’ understanding of the abilities and limitations of automated vehicles; understanding of the role of word of mouth; information and marketing campaigns; driver training versus the actual built-in design; users’ exploration of a system while driving and HMI standardization.


  • Annika Larsson, Research Specialist Human Factors, Veoneer
  • Natasha Merat, Professor in Human Factors of Transport Systems, University of Leeds
  • Jonas Nordquist, Group Manager Driver Information, Volvo Trucks
  • David Abbink, Professor Haptic Human-Robot Interaction, Delft University of Technology
  • Federico Fraboni, Human Factors, Risk and Safety Research Group, University of Bologna

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