David in the media

This week, David will have three appearances in Dutch media to talk about the research of the Delft Haptics Lab.

Monday night 8th of September at 19:00, an interview with national radio BNR for the program Eye Openers will be broadcast. He will discuss the Delft Haptics Lab research on tele-manipulation and automotive applications.
<<update: listen to the broadcast here from 03:02-13:52>>

On Wednesday night 10th of September at 20:00, he will appear live for the Universiteit van Nederland, the popular program that brings the most exciting lectures of Dutch professors to the general public in the Netherlands. David will record five video lectures of 15 minutes for a live audience in club Air in Amsterdam (you can still attend, if you can get hold of the last tickets!). The lectures will explain why we can’t sms anymore while biking, how we can make a rubber hand feel like our own, how the future of man and machines might look like, and if David can still drum when his hands are numb. The lectures will be broadcasted later, and will also be available for live streaming.

Finally on Saturday night 13th of September at 21:00, David will give a short lecture about how strange our perception and brain works, at the end of the final theatre performance of “Brain Insane“. This theater show by Cinergy was selected to be held for six consecutive nights, at the guerrilla theater festival called Amsterdam Fringe Festival.

20140908_145745 about-uvn@2x BrainInsane

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