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David’s lectures for Universiteit van Nederland online

In september 2014 David Abbink was invited to record five lectures for Universiteit van Nederland, in a sold-out Club Air in Amsterdam. The lectures are 15 minutes each, on everything you always wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) about biomechanics, robotics and haptics (the sense of touch) …

In the last week of November 2014, the lectures were aired through Ziggo (largest Dutch cable operator in the Netherlands), then made available one by one through  These lectures were also promoted through main Dutch newspaper “De Volkskrant”.

Click on the links to view the five lectures (be advised, it’s in Dutch):

Lecture #1: What ill-fitting suits and human adaptation have in common, about typing with your eyes closed, and baby’s with iPads.

Lecture #2: Drums, the sixth sense, icebuckets, videoclips in the snow, and how to make a rubber hand feel like your own…

Lecture #3: Should the intelligent car of the future behave like a horse?

Lecture #4: Why it’s so difficult for a robot to open doors, what the Fukushima meltdown and the Deep Water Horizon oil spill have in common, and why it’s useful to have two people draw squares and circles using an over-sized pencil.

Lecture #5: About the future of robots and humans, cyborgs, and controlling devices with brains signals.

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