Demonstration Haptics for the Maritime Environment Project

On the afternoon of May 22 2017 the progress of the 1-year cohesion project “Haptics for the Maritime Environment” was presented to an audience of over 35 interested people from Dutch maritime industry. The afternoon consisted of overview presentations and a hands-on demo of the newly developed Haptic Control Units for Maritime Applications.

In a joint presentation, David explaining how haptics benefit control over vehicles, tools and our own body; and how the Delft Haptics Lab has contributed in research towards haptic assistance for vehicle control (e.g., Nissan Research, Boeing ResearchVIDI: Symbiotic Driving). Arthur explained the many applications we foresee for haptic assistance in the maritime domain. Finally, the visitors could feel for themselves the power of haptic assistance in a hands-on demo.

Over refreshments, we gathered again to discuss possibilities and ideas for future projects.



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