Haptic Steering Wheel Demo

Developed by: Timo Melman, Sarvesh Kolekar, Sarah Barendswaard
Operational since: April 2017

It used to be that if we wanted to demonstrate our haptic shared control for steering, people needed to come to the fixed-base driving simulator in the HMI Lab.

Sarah, Sarvesh and Timo put realised – together with the help of Barys Shyrokau – a portable demo-setup to experience Haptic Shared Control in semi-autonomous driving. The setup consists of a commercially available steering wheel (Logitech GT) and the software Prescan. The visual scene is developed in Prescan and rendered using a standard PC/Desktop. Prescan can be used to develop a wide range of scenarios, including that of ‘intelligent and reactive’ traffic.  For seamless adjustments of the underlying controller, Prescan uses Simulink/Matlab as an interface.

The mobile steering wheel setup is capable of providing feedback torques, which can be used to demonstrate our in-house designed haptic shared controllers, that we are currently individualising in the VIDI research programme on Symbiotic Driving. This setup also allows students to easily test, develop, new prototypes, prior to further testing and validation in higher fidelity simulators or instrumented vehicles.

The steering wheel can provide a max steering torque of 10Nm with a lock to lock steering angle of 900 degrees (-450 to +450). A brake and accelerator pedal set up (without force feedback) can be integrated with the setup, for longitudinal control.


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