Delft Haptics Lab

Delft University of Technology


Our goal is to offer our students the best possibilities to be motivated, curious, critical, and broadly educated. We strive to do so by coupling clear explanations to our enthusiasm for technology and humans, but also for philosophy and art. Through interactive classes, that stimulate student curiosity and a (self-) critical attitude, we aim to challenge students to put their knowledge into a broader context. All members of the Delft Haptics Lab are actively involved in teaching. Together, we offer a specialization in the BioMechanical Design track, called ‘Haptic Interfaces’. Click here for more info about the specialization, and here for a general graduation guide.

We are both happy and proud to have received much recognition for our teaching activities over the last years:

  • our course The Human Controller received an international award for Outstanding Course
  • for seven years in a row (2011-2017) the students of the BioMechanical Engineering department have voted David Abbink as their best teacher.
  • for two consecutive years  (’13, ’14) David Abbink was elected as best teacher of the Faculty of 3mE, and thereby nominated for best teacher of TU Delft. See this video, made by Hermanos Media Solutions to support his nomination.

The lab members are involved in the following teaching activities:

MSc graduation projects
Interested in doing your MSc thesis at the Delft Haptics Lab? Make an appointment with David Abbink to discuss the possibilities: you are encouraged to actively participate in determining your research topic. Click here for more info, and here for a general graduation guide.

MSc courses
We are responsible for the following MSc courses:

  • ME41070 – The Human Controller (David Abbink) <Available on Collegerama>
  • ME41015  – Applied Experimental Methods: Human Factors  (David Abbink)

We also contribute(d) with guest lectures to the following MSc courses:

  • 2010 – present: WB2404    Man-Machine Systems (Joost de Winter)
  • 2014 – present: 3TU Haptics Course (TU Eindhoven, Mechanical Engineering)
  • 2009 – 2013:     ME1100     Automotive Crash Safety: Active & Passive Safety Systems (Riender Happee)
  • 2007 – 2013:     AE 4309    Manual Control Cybernetics (Max Mulder)

BSc courses
We contribute(d) as guest lectures/instructors to the following BSc courses:

  • BM3102A – Anatomie & Sturing (two guest lectures on haptics)
  • BM 1109 Medical Technology I (Diagnostic Devices) & Health Care Systems
  • WB5452-10 Intro Lab PME
  • WBTP303  ‘Bachelor Eind Project’
  • WB1632      Dynamica (instruction classes for first year 3mE students)

Education for Highschool & Children 

  • Proefstuderen – three short lectures for high school students to get acquainted with Mechanical Engineering
  • Master Classes for highly intelligent high school students in Rotterdam
  • Exhibition of ‘Smart Steering Wheel’ for the Science Centre in Delft
  • Zo Zit Dat’ – Educational Magazine for children aged 6-11
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