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JHRI Special Issue on Shared Control released

We’re proud to announce the publication of our special issue on Shared Control, for the Journal for Human-Robot Interaction (JHRI) edited by Mike Goodrich. This issue was edited by Tom Carlson, Mark Mulder, and David Abbink: founding members of the IEEE SMC Technical Committee on Shared Control (that recently won the SMC Award for most active technical committee).

The whole issue is accessible online here, it’s an open-access journal, so feel free to download the papers!

Some excerpts from the editorial, written by Mark, David and Tom:

“Shared control is an exciting up-and-coming engineering field that is blending the boundaries of control, where humans interact with robots or vehicles that are partly automated. The main challenges for robotics and automation today are posed by the less structured, unpredictable environments (…). In contrast to the supervisory control paradigm—where control is traded between human and machine—the shared control paradigm implicitly assumes the interaction between two or more independent agents that together perform a task to achieve a common goal. This implies that the design of the shared control system is not necessarily only human centered. In shared control systems, all the acting agents need to be aware of the others’ capabilities, weaknesses, and authority. Hence, reciprocal communication of each agent’s operational boundaries, whether human or machine, is essential. (…)
These nine papers constitute an overview of the broad applicability of the shared control paradigm. We hope that these studies provide fresh insight both to those new to this field and to established experts looking for the latest advances in the design and evaluation of shared control systems that allow mutual interaction between human and machine.”

Shared Control

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