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Our journal paper won the Human Factors Prize 2014!

Great news: today we received notice that work from our lab has been awarded the prestigious  2014 Human Factors Prize! Our journal paper “Should drivers be operating within an automation-free bandwidth? Evaluating haptic steering support systems with different levels of authority” was selected by a committee of six human factors experts. The award comes with a publication in a special issue of the Human Factors journal, as well as $10,000.

The paper is authored by Delft Haptics Lab alumnus Bastiaan Petermeijer, together with his supervisors David Abbink and Joost de Winter.  After graduating cum laude, Bastiaan, Joost and David decided together to submit his graduation work for the 2014 Human Factors Prize. This year’s topic was human-automation interaction/autonomy, which fit very well with Bastiaan’s graduation work, in which he compared continuous haptic shared control to a version operating only outside a certain bandwidth, evaluating them very thoroughly in driving simulator experiment.
The topic was inspired by ongoing discussions between Joost de Winter and David Abbink, and their infamous joint lecture in which they try to convince each other and the students about what kind of support drivers really need.

Bastiaan will receive the award at HFES annual meeting in Chicago. He will leave the TU Munchen (where he is now a PhD in on the HF Auto project led by Joost de Winter and Riender Happee), to attend this meeting on October 28 2014.

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