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EFDA Goal Oriented Training on Remote Handling

Principal Investigator: Jouni Mattila
2011-2014 (EU Research Programme, Completed)

The EFDA’s European Goal Oriented Training programme on Remote Handling (RH) “GOT RH“ aim is to train engineers for activities supporting the ITER project and the long-term fusion programme in European Associations, associates, Fusion for Energy and the ITER organization, and Industry.

The major objective is to implement a structured remote handling system design and development oriented training task that is carried out in a multidisciplinary Systems Engineering (SE) framework by using ITER/F4E task and QA processes and available documents, document templates and ITER-relevant software products. Special emphasis is on top-down engineering approach with multidisciplinary design requirements considerations on reliability, availability, maintainability and inspectability (cf. RAMI approach). Within this SE framework, each GOT RH trainee will work within the context of a multi-site collaborative design team on an RH system design task, facilitated by mentors with ITER remote handling and general engineering experience.

The early-stage researcher trainee work in GOT RH will be performed in three work packages. The Work Package 1 is oriented towards mechanical Engineering design and development. Work Package 2 focuses on ITER RH control system developments. The project based learning activity is complemented in Work Package 3 with an annual 2 week common school on RH training topics, followed by annual RH workshop.

Two of the PhD projects in the programme are done in collaboration with the Delft Haptics Lab.


telemanipulation, remote handling, robotics, maintenance, ITER, fusion


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