Haptic feedback for learning and performance

Lead: Tricia Gibo
2014-2017 (Post-Doc Project, Completed)

This postdoc project is performed by Tricia Gibo, in co-operation with David Abbink.

Abstract Haptic feedback, in the form of both natural force feedback and additional guidance, has shown great potential for improving operator performance during human-machine interaction. Haptic information can provide the human operator with a greater sense of situational awareness, in addition to physical assistance in performing tasks.

This project aims to design haptic feedback algorithms to enhance human operator performance, based on a fundamental understanding of the human and manual control behaviour. The research is motivated by remote control of sub-sea robotic systems, which is challenged by a variety of factors including complex vehicle dynamics and unintuitive rate control mode. Due to these factors, in addition to the high-risk nature of the operation, an extensive training process is required. We will investigate the effectiveness of haptic feedback on improving learning and continual operation, as both novice and experienced operators may be able to benefit from appropriately designed haptic feedback.

postdoc project


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This research is part of the H-Haptics programme, financially supported by the Dutch Technology Foundation STW.

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