Delft Haptics Lab

Delft University of Technology

Model-Based Control of a Parallel Haptic Master Device

Lead: Alfons Schure
2013-2015 (Msc Project, Completed)

A haptic master device forms the interface between an operator and a remote environment for the exchange of forces and the coupling of position. Ideally the operator only experiences the dynamics of the remotely operated environment. This requires a good model-based controller which cancels the forces resulting from the dynamics of the master device itself. However, often master devices are based on a parallel architecture, which makes the dynamic behavior highly non-linear. This research investigates the effect of these non-linearities on the implementation of a computed-torque controller on a parallel haptic master device.

The project resulted in a model-based controller that was implemented on the Munin tele-manipulator in the Delft Haptics Lab.  It allowed an admittance-control scheme without the conventional requirement of a force sensor, essentially allowing it to simulate any type of virtual dynamics, and a large virtual stiffness than realised previously.

MSc project


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