Shared Control at IEEE SMC 2016

At this year’s annual IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC) conference in Budapest, Hungary (9-12 October 2016), the co-chairs of the IEEE SMC Shared Control Technical Committee organized a tutorial and special session on shared control. In our tutorial “Honest Evaluations of Shared Human-Machine Control Systems”, we discussed how to fairly evaluate the shared control systems we design, stressing the importance of evaluation both within the design scope and on the fringes of the design scope. Through realistic assessment, we can honestly expose the limitations of our shared control systems.

dsc_0750Erwin Boer (one of the current co-chairs of the Shared Control Technical Committee) explains typical evaluation methodologies in manual control, automation (supervisory control), and shared control.

dsc_0778Standing room only at our special session on shared control.


At the SMC 2016 Gala Dinner. Perhaps a new aspect to the horse-rider relationship of the H-metaphor?

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