Fixed-base Driving Simulator (HMI Lab)

Developed by: Mark Mulder, René van Paassen & many others
Operational since: 2002

The fixed-base driving simulator facility is located in the HMI lab at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Control & Simulation Division. It contains an actuated steering wheel (MOOG S-motor), actuated gas pedal (industrial torque motor), and passive, spring-loaded brake pedal. The visual scene is projected on the laboratory wall, 2.9m in front of the driver by 4 Mitsubishi DLP projectors, each with a 1024×768 pixels resolution, creating a 60×180 degrees field of view. The simulation middleware DUECA and driving simulator software have been developed in-house, running on a distributed local network of Linux openSUSE platforms, allowing for full control and flexibility in development of experiments. It has served as the basis to develop the haptic gas pedal, haptic guidance for steering and the concept of shared control.

Developed by: Mark Mulder, René van Paassen, Andries Muis, Ferdinand Postema, Harold Thung, Adri Tak, Kees van Woerkom, Henk Lindenburg & Ed Roessen.
Operating system: Linux openSUSE
Simulation middleware: DUECA (Data-Driven Activation in Distributed Real-Time Computation)
Driving simulation: C++, Ogre3D


Associated Research Programmes:
Associated Research Projects:

PhD Theses

  • Mark Mulder
  • David Abbink


MSc Theses

  • 2014 Daan van der Wiel
  • 2014 Rolf Boink
  • 2014 Bastiaan Petermeijer
  • 2013 Jeroen Tettero (collaboration with DAF)
  • 2012 Luca Profumo (exchange student from Pisa) (cum laude)
  • 2012 Hugo Chaves (collaboration with TNO)
  • 2011 Diane Cleij
  • 2011 Stephan de Nijs
  • 2011 Tom Verspecht (cum laude)
  • 2009 Mauro della Penna (cum laude)
  • 2009 Kakin Tsoi (cum laude)
  • 2008 Marijke Mulder
  • 2005 Jasper Pauwelussen
  • 2004 Joost de Winter
Selected Output:



The fixed-base driving simulator is owned, operated and maintained by the Control & Simulation division of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology. The majority of the research on the fixed-base driving simulator was funded by Nissan Motor Company, Ltd., Japan.

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