Delft Haptics Lab

Delft University of Technology

Haption Virtuose 6D (FOM DIFFER institute)

Developed by: Haption
Operational since: 2012

The Haption Virtuose 6D master device is available at the Remote Handling Study Centre (RHSC) at FOM DIFFER. The master device is placed in top-down configuration and provides a 6 DOF workspace with force feedback.


The Haption Virtuose 6D is situated in a “Remote Handling Control Room” and is part of a telemanipulation setup. Virtual Reality (VR) technology is used to simulate the slave robot in a given environment (e.g. maintenance at ITER). The Interactive Task Simulator (ITS), based on Nvidia PhysXTM technology, is used to emulate real-time contact interaction, providing realistic feedback to the human operator. A position-error control architecture iss implemented between the master and slave. 






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