Delft Haptics Lab

Delft University of Technology

“TriaR” – 3DoF force reflecting joystick

Developed by: Roel J. Kuiper
Operational since: 2016

The TriaR is a 3-DoF force-reflecting joystick, designed by Roel Kuiper to explore control possibilities for subsea telemanipulation. It has several capabilities not found in common joysticks: there is an extra degree of freedom (rotation), it is actuated in all three degrees of freedom (allowing haptic feedback and shared control), and has integrated sensors to measure the exerted force as well as the grip strength.


In the final phase of his PhD thesis, Roel connected the TriaR, controlled by a Bachmann controller, to a real-time simulation model of a backhoe excavator, kindly provided by Seatools.



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