Delft Haptics Lab

Delft University of Technology

Parallel Haptic Master Device for Needle Steering

Developed by: Teun Hoevenaars
Operational since: 2015

This 3-DoF parallel haptic master device has been developed by Teun Hoevenaars at the Delft Haptics Lab for the purpose of needle steering, during the H-Haptics Programme. The DoFs are one linear translation and two rotations perpendicular to the translation axis, controlled by a Bachmann industrial controller. These DoFs correspond to those of the steerable needles developed at the TU Delft MISIT lab (

It was first demonstrated at the H-Haptics Tutorial at the World Haptics Conference 2015, and subsequently won the ASME Design award.

3-DoF parallel haptic master device, developed at the Delft Haptics Lab, and which is compatible with the steerable needles developed at the TU Delft MISIT lab.





20150624_155246   _DSC0225

Associated Research Programmes:

This device was made during the H-Haptics programme, sponsored by STW.

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