Delft Haptics Lab

Delft University of Technology

MSc. Graham Nixon

Graham joined the Delft Haptics Lab in October 2014, after an internship at MOOG, a company involved in H-Haptics.

He performed a literature study on controlling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in case they need to physically interact with their environment.

In June 2015 he gave his introductory colloquium, showing the progress he made on creating a virtual testing ground for UAVs interacting physically with an environment, that human operators can control with a haptic master device.

In october 2015 he finished his experiments, showing the feasibility of using UAVs for remote manipulation tasks (like switching levers), and how 3DOF manipulators substantially outperform gamepad controllers for such a task.

In december 2015 he graduated!


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