Delft Haptics Lab

Delft University of Technology

MSc Laurens Kranendonk

Laurens Kranendonk joined the Delft Haptics Lab in August, 2016. Laurens first completed an internship at the Politecnico di Milano in Spring 2016. Afterwards he wrote his literature study ‘What haptic technologies could improve robotic vitreoretinal surgery,
and which are the most promising?’. On October 12th, he successfully defended his MSc thesis in Delft. For his thesis he collaborated with a company at the Eindhoven Technical University called ‘Preceyes’. This company is developing a surgical robotic system for retinal surgery. Laurens is currently researching if damping fields can be applied to assist the surgeon while operating this system. When not at the lab, Laurens likes to sail and play music

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