Delft Haptics Lab

Delft University of Technology

MSc. Marjon Voskuil

Marjon joined the Delft Haptics Lab as an MSc student in April 2014, after finishing her internship at MOOG (a partner company in H-Haptics). She then finished her literature study about workspace extension methods, in collaboration with Moog.

Marjon investigates¬†¬†workspace extension when haptic interaction is required. Commonly workspace extension methods include ‘indexing’ and ‘rate control’, each having specific limitations. Her aim is to design, implement and evaluate a hybrid controller that blends the benefits of indexing and rate control, and mitigates their individual limitations.

She performed her human-in-the-loop experiment at the Delft Haptics Lab, and succesfully defended her MSc thesis in June 2015.


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