Delft Haptics Lab

Delft University of Technology

Dr. ir. Sarvesh Kolekar

I have always been fascinated by cars, and after being a part of the University Formula Student team, I was intrigued to understand the behaviour of its most important component – The Human Driver.
Currently I am a part of the Delft Haptics Lab, conducting research under the guidance of Dr. David Abbink, and funded by
VIDI project – Symbiotic driving
Haptic guidance during driving has been found to improve driver behaviour, but its current implementation according to the ‘one-size fits all’ concept invokes resistance from individual drivers. The aim of the Symbiotic driving VIDI project is to develop an individualized haptic guidance system which understands the driver and adjusts itself accordingly, hence the term symbiotic. My contribution will be to understand human driver behaviour, figure out the underlying basic principles which govern it, and then implement a haptic guidance system that can adapt itself to traffic situations and individual drivers.
Previously I completed my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from the Department of Bio-Mechanical Engineering at TU Delft with the thesis topic: A Human-Like Steering Model-Based on sensorimotor control theories. In general, I am interested in building computational models of human behaviour, and then investigating their validity by comparing the results to experimental data from human subjects.
When not researching, I like to play table tennis, try to sketch a few portraits, and try my hand at cooking some dishes!

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