Delft Haptics Lab

Delft University of Technology

MSc Sarvesh Kolekar

Sarvesh joined the Delft Haptics Lab as an MSc student in September 2014. He started off with an internship at Cambridge University, at the lab of Dr. David Franklin. He performed a pilot study with the aim of understanding sensory weighting of visual and haptic cues during  motor control in force fields. The pilot study is currently being planned for a larger subject population.

In february he returned to Delft, and started working on a literature study about driver models and reaching movements. He then developed a novel driver steering models based on sensorimotor control theories, and validated it on a series of datasets in a driving simulator.

He graduated cum laude, with an unprecedented 9.5, in January 2016.

His research interests include tele-robotics, driving, racing, shared control and human motion control.

Programmes he has worked on
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