Delft Haptics Lab

Delft University of Technology

BSc. Tarbiya Khanam

Tarbiya Khanam is a Vehicle Engineering student, who performed her internship at the Delft Haptics Lab in 2019, and started her literature study in 2020 under the supervision of David Abbink and Diane Cleij (SWOV).

My experiences have led me to consider the enhanced market requirement for vehicles promising efficient optimization of highway and fuel resources; providing safe and comfortable transportation, with minimum environmental impact. Furthermore, traffic congestion and related factors have accelerated rate of accidents. I am keen to explore technologies that assist in automating vehicles, easing their use, and increasing safety, possibly the future of ‘green and clean mobility’, to reducing chances of accidents due to human error. To make myself capable for this momentous yet pragmatic goal, I want to opt for a role in such an industry where I can contribute in developing active safety systems and driver assists system to get closer towards developing fully autonomous vehicle, after which, I shall aim for an R&D role in an automobile manufacturing company after completing my masters.
The primary focus in my professional journey shall be devising safer, sustainable, yet, state-of-the-art solutions. With subjects like Vehicle dynamics, Control Systems, Human-machine systems, Automotive human factors, and Intelligent Vehicles, I aim to develop an integrated approach to design vehicle automation providing performance and safety in complex real-world driving conditions.

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