Delft Haptics Lab

Delft University of Technology

“Munin” – 3 DOF telemanipulator

Developed by: Goran Christiansson
Operational since: 2007

The “Munin” telemanipulation system is a  3-degree of freedom (DOF) haptic teleoperator based on the ”hard-soft” principle. The mechatronic concept of using a stiff master and a compliant slave has previously been shown to improve haptic teleoperation performance. The master device (figure below, left image) consists of a stiff double-rhomb force-redundant parallel robot and the slave device (figure below, right image) is a serial robot with flexible joints.


A video of the Munin:

In 2017, the Munin was redesigned by Alfons Schure, making it easier to use and transport.


The Munin after Alfons Schure redesigned the housing (2017)


This device was developed by Goran Christiansson, and has been adapted to be used in our new shared control research by Henri Boessenkool & Jeroen Wildenbeest during their MSc theses.

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