Delft Haptics Lab

Delft University of Technology

Dr. ir. Mark Mulder

Visiting Researcher
Post-doctoral research fellow

My research interests focus on human-machine systems, in particular driver support systems. I’m an active IEEE member co-chairing the IEEE-SMC technical committee on Shared Control since 2012, together with David Abbink and Tom Carlson from University College London. We organize special sessions and workshops on Shared Control at the annual IEEE-SMC conferences and we are trying to build a strong network of shared control researchers. The majority of my research has been funded by Nissan Motor Company.

My PhD work was part of Nissan’s development of their Deceleration Control Assist system, which was brought on the market in 2007. Subsequently, I worked several other Nissan sponsored projects related to steer-by-wire, which was brought on the market late 2013, and a pilot modelling project for Boeing Aircraft Company.

In December 2014 I received my MD from VUmc School of Medical Sciences. As per May 1st I will start working as MD at the Reinier de Graaf Hospital, department of Internal Medicine, Delft.

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